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              Here we see Private Muller, wearing the "stovepipe" shako with a white plume denoting he serves in the Grenadiers, we is wearing "home service" kit, that is white britches, regimental coat, cartridge box with belt and bayonet with strap.

All of the equipment worn by the enlisted men is supplied by the Regiment, but paid for by the soldiers by way of stoppages in pay.

The colour of collars and cuffs vary from regiment to regiment, the 41st Foot's facing colours are red.  The lace of each regiment is also different, the 41st's is white lace with a black line or worm in the centre.    









Sergeant Burt here displays the subtle differences between a NCO and enlisted mans uniform, his coat is made of a better quality material and to show he is a sergeant his lace is plain. 

As a sargeant of the Grenadiers he carries a spontoon to straighten the line, so cannot carry a gun and this is why the belt he wears carries a sword. 

Sargeants equipment is supplied by the colonel of the regiment, but he may wear a family sword or a sword given as a gift.










 Our officer, Captain Rogers wears his double breasted coat done up here, hiding the ornate silver lace worn on his coat. 

 He wears a officers bearskin, 2 epelettes as badges of rank, and a gorget around his neck to show he is on duty. He also wears a silk sash around his waist  along with a fine sword. 

Officers paid for all their own uniform and equipment, plus they had to purchase their commissions.





Parade Dress

Here we see members of the 41st Foot in full ceromonial uniform, this was worn for dress parades.

As grenadiers they wear the Grenadier Cap, made of bearskin, it was a badge of office along with the matchcase worn on the cartridge box strap. Although no longer used in this period, the matchcase had carried a lite match to ignite grenades that gave the name Grenadiers.