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Joining the 41st foot Re-enactment Society

The 41st foot Re enactment Society (UK) partakes in living history displays and battle re-enactments throughout the UK and abroad.  Events mainly take place between April and October and typically last for a weekend.  In the winter/spring months the society holds an AGM and Christmas party.

 Events re-create the flavour of the period with all modern trappings left behind.  During the day, displays and battles are filled with sounds of cannon, musket, fife and drum.  The encampment provides a welcome rest area where one can be enticed by the smell of food cooking on open fires.  In the evening everyone relaxes around camp fires where tales of the day’s bravery are told and songs are sung.  In addition the event organisers usually lay on extra facilities and entertainment, and, as usual a local tavern is never too far to stumble to.  Meals are usually taken al fresco and many sleep under the stars within sturdy canvas tents of the period. 

Re-enactment is a very social affair and you are certain to make new friends.  In addition we are a family friendly society and many wives and girlfriends turn out dressed in period costume to add a little variety to the encampment.  Some even take to the battle field dressed as men.  Many re-enactors bring their children who all seem to have a great time dressed in period costume, playing period games and watching the excitement of live action battles. Any members under the age of 16 must be accompanied, by a responsible family member.

 Your first event is always a little daunting but you will be well looked after and given plenty of involvement.  A unit NCO/Officer will look after you for your first couple of events, making sure you get familiarised with the uniforms, equipment and weapons of the period.  This will include being shown drill and safe handling of the weapons.  You will also take part in your first battle under the supervision of your NCO/Officer.  As a unit we have period clothing and equipment you can lend for your first few events so you can get a taste of re-enacting before you commit yourself to spending on uniforms and equipment.

Before you can handle a musket you need to acquire a shotgun licence and a black powder licence from your local police force.  Your new unit commander will be more than happy to give you advice and help in applying for these.  Currently the cost of a shotgun licence is £79.50 and a black powder license is free.

Joining the 41st Foot Re enactment Society (UK) is relatively easy.  Firstly you will need to request a Membership Application Form from the e-mail address below:

41st Foot Secetary

41st Foot Chairperson